Trump will release tax returns when Hillary releases emails?

Trump will release tax returns when Hillary releases emails?

The 2016 U.S. Presidential election has been one of the most bitter in living memory with Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump trading insults along the campaign trail. However, two issues have dominated the back and forth between the two nominees, the release of tax returns and deleted emails that many believe could be the Achilles heel of the two nominees; Donald Trump has recently stated he will finally release his tax returns if and when former Secretary of State Clinton releases more than 30,000 emails deleted from a private server she stated were of a personal nature.


Clinton’s Email Controversy Continues


The Democratic nominee has seen her latest Presidential campaign damaged by an ongoing investigation by the FBI revolving around her use of a private email server dating back to her time as the Secretary of State. The use of a private server to send government related emails is not permitted, but a range of respected officials have revealed they also used private email servers during their own time in office. At the start of the FBI investigation into her private email server use Secretary Clinton is reported to have deleted around 30,000 emails she believes had no bearing on the case against that was investigated by the FBI.


Mr. Trump has been calling for the release of the deleted emails throughout his campaign as he has stated his belief the former First Lady has been trying to hide something from the public by her refusal to reveal the deleted emails. During an appearance on the Fox News Channel the 70 year old real estate mogul explained he would reveal his tax returns when Clinton provided access to the 30,000 deleted emails he believes could be located by the Clinton campaign.


Trump Still Refuses To Release Tax Returns


The release of tax returns is a common practice for Presidential candidates and has been completed by all candidates going back decades. Mrs. Clinton has already released tax returns detailing her own financial state, and continues to call on Mr. Trump to follow suit to show the American people he has nothing to hide. The issues regarding the tax returns have resulted in Clinton stating her belief Trump is hiding something in his taxes he does not want the public in the U.S. to know.


Mrs. Clinton is not the first public figure to state the belief that Trump is trying to hide the truth about his financial situation; leading political figures headed by 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney have called on Trump to put aside the tax returns issue by simply releasing his latest return to prove he has nothing to hide. The main reason given by the former star of “The Apprentice” for his failure to release his tax returns is an ongoing audit by the IRS that has resulted in Trump refusing to release his tax returns while the investigation is ongoing.


The controversy over both the email server for Clinton and tax returns for Trump do not look like going away until this Presidential election cycle is complete; whether either candidate breaks down and releases their information remains a complex and controversial matter for both campaigns.

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