Capital High School is committed to giving its students a well rounded High School experience in every way possible. Capital High School knows that experience is more than just the three "R's". It is our mission to make sure all students find a niche’ , an outlet that calls to their interests, and an opportunity to get involved with other students on a social level. Not all kids are meant for competition groups such as the Band, VIP’s, or Sporting teams, but ALL kids can find a home SOMEWHERE at Capital High School. Clubs are not only meant to provide the opportunity for students to form the bonds of friendship but to provide the opportunity for ALL students to give back to the community through service, as well. This also helps to build on the maxim, "Everyone is someone at Capital High School!"
Unfortunately, the schools rural setting makes travel to and from school difficult for some students to meet after hours and on weekends. It is for this reason Capital High School sponsors CLUB DAY! Every other Thursday of the month Capital High School operates an “Activity Bell Schedule”. It is during this time all clubs and organizations are afforded the opportunity to meet for a block of time in the mid morning. Members and sponsors are able to plan functions, fundraisers, and events for community service; all the things that traditionally used to take place after school hours. This is a very important aspect of being a Capital High School Cougar and one we all fully support and enjoy! Below is a list of the many clubs and organizations that the members of the faculty and staff sponsor. If you are interested in learning more about the club or organization listed below please contact the faculty sponsor!

ACT Prep - Blaul (215)
Animal Care - Cool.(411A)
The Animal Care rationale:
This club shall involve students in the understanding, discussing, and analyzing of different animal populations found in many different environments around the world. Student will have an opportunity to participate in an independent study of the animal of their choice in this club.
BASS Masters- Samples/Bone (RM 333)
Baseball - Terry (219)
The Capital High School Baseball club will serve individuals who are current players on either the varsity or junior varsity baseball teams or prospective players, as well as any individual interested in learning more about the fundamentals, mechanics, nature and general understanding of the game of baseball. Topics of discussion will included, but are not limited to pitching mechanics, fielding and batting fundamentals, offensive and defensive positioning and situations, review of fundamentals specific to CHS baseball team (signs, plays, etc.) and the overall appreciation of the game.
Board Games - Slappe (223)
Students that sign up for board games will be participating with other students in games: such as checkers, uno, yahtzee, etc. The purpose of the club is to learn new games while displaying appropriate social skills and sportsmanship.
Capital Crazies - Garrison (409C)
Capital Crazies is a subset of Student Council. Anyone who has run for Student Council office, or regularly attends athletic and/or arts events here at Capital High School is invited to participate. This club is designed to encourage school spirit and to work on student attendance at Capital High School events.
Chess - ROY (202)
The Chess Club will serve as an activity that will fill some of the student’s wishes that I have heard expressed during the school year. Chess also serves an excellent tool at developing the analytical and critical thinking skills of students. Students will learn traditional and modern chess strategies that will enhance their game and also those aforementioned skills while enjoying a game that has been around for ages.
Chick Flicks - Phillips (402)
Chick Flicks is a club primary for people who enjoy romantic stories with happy endings. Primarily without violence or crude language, they contribute to a sense of well-being and security that is often missing in society today. After a discussion about what makes a chick flick in the initial meeting, each member will show a 20 minute clip of a favorite film that demonstrates the characteristics of a chick flick during sub sequential meetings.
Community Service - Ball (204)
Will participate in projects that foster Service Learning within the community. Projects will be planned, coordinated and performed by club members.
Computers - Huffman (142)
This club is for students who may need assistance with projects for Business classes or other classes where Microsoft Office applications are appropriate; some students may just want 45 minutes of access time to the internet for personal or school reasons; some may enjoy playing internet games; still others may use any of the other software we have available for student use. As long as the intentions and activities are within school guidelines, the lab will be available to students during each club/activity period. Students of varied interests and abilities are eligible for this activity with no common thread other than they want or need access to a computer. There is no agenda, or organization – just an open lab.

Credit Recovery  - Hudson/ (RM 147)
Engineering - Starks (154)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes - Fuller/Vencill (118)
Fellowship of Christian athletes is a club, not just for athletes, but for any student who wishes to fellowship in the Christian faith. The Bible is used as the text.
Films of Classic Literature - Buckalew (212)
This club will view film based on classics such as Huckleberry Finn and Jane Eyre.
Forensics - Harrah (400D)
This club will compete against other WV high schools with skills of speaking in debate, persuasively, humorously, reciting prose, poetry, and performing portions of plays.

Golf - Calabrese (208C)
Greenhouse - Hoskins (N/A)
The Greenhouse Club is for those students who have an interest in plant cultivation and propagation, starting seeds, and taking care of the existing plants around Capital High. The student should be willing to work hard, get dirty, and have fun!
GSA -  Kerner (207)
Members help contribute to the anti-bullying policy, and work inside and outside of school to support other GSA clubs and the LGBT community.
Guitar - Greene (410C)
This club is intended to teach students the fundamentals of playing guitar.
Gearhead - Brinkley (157G)
A club about cars.
HSTA - Dorsey/Wilson (152)
Healthy Teens - Myers (301A)
Hi - Y - Cox (205)
Jazz Band - Jenks (323)
This club will explore and play jazz. Student must have an instrument.
Jewelery Making - Gallaher (408D)
Members of the Jewelery Making Club will partake in the manufacture of jewelry such as friendship bracelets and felt necklaces.
Keystone with Boys and Girls Club - Swayne (409B)
The goal is to promote character and leadership among Club teens to provide impact in three focus areas: academic success, career preparation, and community service.
Key Club -Lohan/Carl (403D)
Dues are $15.00
Korean Club - Choi (133)
Lacrosse - Scott (127)
Members of the lacrosse club will participate in analyzation of games from previous years, and devise strategies.
National Honor Society - Green (144)
Nu Delta Alpha - Legg (327)
Optimist - Shamblin- (334)
Outdoors Hunting and Fishing - Armstrong/Riley (401)
Students will learn the safety and proper handling of weapons.
Planet Earth - Price (140)
Planet Earth is a club that deals with all issues facing the world today. We cover topics like animal testing and endangered species and all human rights issues from worldwide hunger to refugees to treatement of political prisoners. We emphasize community participation through petition and letter writing on key issues, feeding the hungry in our community, and educating young children on how to be green. The club is guided by the students and will participate in any activities that present themselves throughout the year. If you want to improve the world we live in, this club is for you.
Pre-Med - Mullins (157F)
A club developed for students interested in pursuing careers within the medical profession and/or simply to develop knowledge so that you may understand information given to you by your family doctor. This club will cover medical ethics, basic first aid, advance first aid, CPR Adult/Infant, allergies, the common cold and other yearly disorders. We will have guest speakers from various medical fields for career possibilities. Lastly, we will be working with medical video games to practice skills.
Prom Committee - Olsen/Allen (230E)
Organizes prom and fund-raisers for the forementioned prom.
Quiz Bowl - Dorsey/Drake (152)
Capital high School Quiz Bowl Team is a competitive academic team that participates in a variety of academic competitions sponsored by the WVACA (West Virginia Academic Coaches Association), as well as S.C.O.R.E.S. at Marshall University, and the Department of Energy’s Math and Science Bowl. Membership is contingent upon active participation in all practices. Participation in competition is based on points accumulated in practices. If you love JEOPARDY and TRIVIAL PUSUIT check out Quiz Bowl!!
RAZE - Gray/Davis (208A)
Our goal is to create a statewide movement that initiates concern and activism with peer-to-peer influence ultimately reducing tobacco use among teens. We hope to: to tear down the lies of tobacco companies, be compassionate to tobacco users, educate, increase community involvement, and be persistent. Activities will include: commotions, place signs around campus, create a Memorial Wall, school/community presentation. The club is required to complete (9) activities (commotions) each year. Other activities will be decided by club members.

Scrapbooking - Hackney (141)
To preserve for the future – pictures of students’ lives and school activities in a scrapbook.
Sewing -Neville (Rm. 334)
Students will learn the basic skills of both, hand and machine sewing. This is a skill the student can use throughout life.
Sign Language - Shepherd (228)
Capital High School is the location of the center-based program for the deaf and hard of hearing students for Kanawha Kanawha County Schools. Many of the students in this program communicate through sign language. The Sign Language Club offers students at CHS the opportunity to learn and communicate with deaf students attending CHS and with any other deaf people with whom they may come in contact. Students participating in this club will be introduced to American Sign Language, deaf culture, fingerspelling, basic survival signs, and also music interpreted in sign language. Activities in this club will include learning and practicing hand configurations for fingerspelling and basic survival signs and signing some familiar songs. Opportunities to practice newly acquired skills, as well as possible opportunities to perform songs will be given. Occasional videos depicting poems, stories, and music interpreted in sign language will be shown.
Ski Club - Pennington (331)
Members of the Ski Club will go on several skiing trips.
Soccer - Clark (400)
Students will partake in watching films pertinent to the subject of soccer to better understand the game and will practice on the field to set that knowledge in place.
Softball - Grogg (225)
Spanish - Endres (203)
The Spanish Club will promote interest in the Spanish language as well as the culture of the Spanish-speaking people and to bring the students who study Spanish together on a social basis. We will play games, sing, dance, practice Hispanic cooking and naturally taste our products. We would describe this club as one, whose members and sponsors like to have fun. The Spanish Club has also participated in many fund-raising activities in order to participate in charitable acts such as: adopting a baby Cougar for Christmas, helping a Capital high School student with a Christmas wish through the counseling office, sending packages to graduates from Capital High serving in Iraq, just to name a few. Not only does the Spanish Club participate in fund-raising activities, every year the club gives a presentation during the Multi-Cultural Festival.
Sports Movies - Melvin (144)
Movies often depict the highs and lows of daily living, and this is especially true for sports movies. Whether demonstrating the thrill of a victory or the agony of defeat, sports movies frequently touch upon our emotions. Viewers often find themselves involved in a movie and rooting for a particular team or individual. All types of movies have bee represented by sport movies-real-life, fiction, action, drama and comedy. If you are a true sports enthusiast, come join the fun. SPORT CLUB MOVIES – POSSIBILITES: The Longest Yard, Friday Night Lights, Remember the Titans, The Replacement, Eight Men Out, Major League, Field of Dreams, Tin Cup, Hoosiers, White men Can’t Jump, Mighty Ducks, Miracle, All the Hurricane.

Study Hall - Clark (134)/ Leasure (225)/ Bradley (138)/  Carpenter (400B)/ D'esposito (137)/ McClure (208B)/ Woods (114)McCann(159)
Exactly what you'd think.
Tennis -
Thespians - Corbett (328)
This club is for students intjerested in the theatrical arts. During this club, students will have the opportunity to learn various theatre techniques and work on improving both acting and technical skills. Students must be members or plan to become members of the International Thespian Society to join the club. Each student has to have 10 points to be inducted. Thespians is a group which has three (3) purposes: 1. Volunteer and community service projects, 2. Maintenance and improvement of the CHS theatre facility and the school's competitive Thespian organization, 3. Work toward individual point additions as members of the International Thespian Honor Society. Throughout their years in Thespians, the students' goals are to increase their point totals in the International Thespian Society for inclusion in future resumes and scholarship applications.
Track -Morris (125)
Members of the track club will walk around on the outside track during the club activity period.
Tri M Music - Corbett (322)
The Tri-M Music is club that helps young people provide service through music in schools. Tri-M is open to any student currently taking a music class. This club’s mission is to do community service for the Capital High School via providing holiday music projects for our Baby Cougars and Head Start children as well as to publicize the month of March as Music In Our Schools Month.
Ultimate Frisbee - LaPoe (301C)
Members of the Ultimate Frisbee club will partake in the game it shares it's name with.
UNO - Treadway (208A)
The Uno Club of Capital High School meets throughout the year during club schedule to play the card game Uno. This is a strictly social club, and everyone is welcome! Warning:Brony Inhabited
Venturing - Sears (230D)
Venturing provides the skills needed for high school students to experience a fun program full of adventure and challenges, acquire leadership skills, and to take advantage of opportunities to advance their skills and knowledge in the areas of high adventure, sports, arts and hobbies.

Walking - Snyder (409C)
The purpose of this club is to motivate and encourage anyone who has the ability to walk, to focus on achieving personal fitness and well-being through the enjoyment of walking. Activities: During Walk Club meetings we will take the opportunity to exercise by walking. During the late fall and winter seasons we will utilize the indoor facilities of Capital High to walk during club meeting time and enjoy the outdoors during the early fall and springtime seasons. Not only will we use our designated club time for walking, but we will also focus on achieving personal fitness and true well-being from multiple spectrums. These will include, but not be limited to: personal analysis of fitness and diet, strategies to achieving fitness and better diet habits, how to prevent illness and disease through diet and exercise/walking, researching the benefits of walking, charting progress in areas of diet and exercise, how to make diet and exercise a part of your lifestyle and more!!! As a club we will also participate in local/community walks sponsored by charitable organizations as well as competitions. Join walk club and walk your way to a better you!!!
Writing for Publication - Miller, A. (403C)
Capital high School is full of student writers who are learning to express themselves through the written word. The Writing for Publication Club will provide students with opportunities to write for a real audience and see their work in print. We will write in a variety of genres to prepare to submit work for contests, for student anthologies, and for critical review by others across the country. Short stories, poems, and essays will only be the beginning. Guest writers and workshops will be part of the planned activities.
Yoga - Turner (Media Center)
Drawing on the ancient art of yoga, we will use yoga postures to help achieve body flexibility, tone and strength. We will also practice ways to help your mind focus and leave you feeling calm and refreshed. Students are encouraged to bring a towel or yoga mat to club. This club meets in the media center.
Youth Commision International - Lilly (218)
A student led Christian club; in which, students attempt to serve the student body.