Interview with Coach Bradford Clark

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By Trevor Gibson


1. Q : What is your backround in soccer?
A : I played three years on the varsity soccer team at Capital High School, I play in an adult men's soccer league, and I continue to coach.



2. Q : How would you describe your coaching techniques?
A : My coaching techniques are based on building strong relationships with the players and creating open lines of communication.



3. Q : Do you consider the overall season a success and how so?
A : I believe the season was a great success. It did start out rough, but we made a couple of changes and started believing in each other as a team. Once we started playing as a team we started scoring goals and winning games.



4. Q : What are some things you enjoyed about the season and what memorable moment do you have about it?

A: I enjoyed the whole season, but obviously winning is alot more enjoyable than losing. The game in my mind that really stays in my head is the game against Robert C. Byrd. We actually lost that game 3-1, but it was the first game that we changed our formation and I realized we were on to something great because we started opening up the field and creating more opportunities for our guys up front.


5. Q : How would you describe the senior leadership on the team?
A : It was amazing. They were a good group of guys that were able to really come together and work for a common goal and make that happen.



6. Q : What will need to happen to achieve even greater success in the future?
A : Create opportunities to shoot, the more we shoot the more we're gonna score.